A life worth living

I am Deogratias Buyonje from Uganda, living in Doetinchem Dichteren. I am currently working as a volunteer with Tan-kids Foundation assisting with project development. My inspiration is deeply rooted in the varying reflections from the lives of different people. These include our Lord, who in the parable of the persistent neighbor invites us to put ourselves into the service of others, Maria Theresa of Calcutta for her incredible service to the poor people of India. Additionally, from great Philosophers like Albert Einstein, who held that the worthiness of our lives is measured in living a life for others. This gets clearer with Aristotle who held that the essence of our life is defined in serving and doing good to others.
The Tan-kids Foundation just does this. Beholden to the Klijnsma’s, the management and all the many people who have generously contributed their time, funds, knowledge, emotions and prayers since the inception of the foundation to date. Thanks for such an amazing effort that has been and continues to see a better future for the young ones, their mothers in Tanzania and the better world that everyone eyes. A world of tranquility, self-sustenance, healthy and happy people and all there is for a life worth living. Trust me the efforts are not a desolate waste.
I am more than humbled for the opportunity granted to me as a volunteer for this organization. Thanks for allowing me to use my second hand, just because one is for helping myself and the other for other people (Audrey Hepburn). There is no doubt that there lies more beautiful days ahead; fond of great accomplishments that will continue to see better lives for the beneficiaries of this organization and the world at large.