Friend of Tan-Kids

Maybe you want the same as us?
You want to make an end to the poverty and hunger of these children?

Would you agree?
Provide opportunities?
To make sure that poor children can eat well and play carelessly?
To make sure they can go to school, and receive proper and timely medical care.

Is this what you want and can you spare a small amount of money on a monthly basis?

In this case, please become a friend of our Foundation! By transferring a fixed amount of money every month, you support our work. With sufficient and steady support we are able to put an end to the poverty-stricken situation of many kids in Tanzania!!

Your donations can be transferred to the following bank account:

NL84 INGB 0006475295 to Tan-kids foundation in Doetinchem.

On behalf of the Tanzanian Children, our warmest thanks!

Our Foundation received the Dutch quality mark for healthy and solid charity foundations, and in The Netherlands, at least, gifts are tax refundable.

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