How we work

Our approach comes from the desire to give children in Tanzania proper care and loving support. Therefore, we have chosen an approach that centres around the child, and his or her family, and other caregivers in his/her environment.

We search for connections within the local environment. In partnership with local organisations, we look for means of cooperation, support and solutions. We investigate what the local organisation already has to offer, and what they may still need to help the orphaned children professionally, in the long run. It has our preference, that children grow up in a (foster)family, or in a small scale foster home.

We are always in close cooperation with local partners in Dar es Salaam, who want to create new opportunities for the poorest children in their surroundings. We aid them, to give them the chance to develop their own initiatives. We give support and counsel in the development of projects, and we offer assistance in the care for the children.

Tanzania is a very poor country. Therefore, it’s of great importance to also give financial aid to the local organisations, thus enabling them to accomplish the relief work. This is why we raise funds in The Netherlands for this cause, and we organise sponsorship activities as well.
At the same time, we help our local partners to activate local PR and fundraising.

Last but not least, we provide training in Tanzania about the social and emotional development of children. We train teachers and social workers how they can use games and other creative materials to stimulate a healthy development of children.
Annette Klijnsma, who is a professional child and youth coach, provides these trainings when she is on her annual work visit.

The policy and budget: Policyplan 2017 – 2018

Program description: Family Based Child Care