How we work

Sustainable development aid is more difficult than just buying a plate of food or sponsoring a child to go to school. Initiating development and strengthening the poorest children and their families requires an integrated and individual approach.
The projects we commit ourselves to must contribute to a happy and healthy development of underprivileged children who preferably will grow up in a family.

The projects should help enable independence and strengthen the families and the local community. So that they can be a strong safety net for the children.
Happy and healthy children have a safe home with their family, they are physically healthy and have space to play. They go to school where both their cognitive and social-emotional development grow. They have self-confidence, a healthy self-image and are respectful towards others. They are guided and inspired to live with dignity and meaning. These areas of development belong together and influence each other.

A client-oriented approach proves to be an effective way toward structural improvements for the families. This is one of the reasons we work with an integrated support program, which we call Family Based Child Care (FBCC). The program description can be found below this text.
We also stimulate the mobilization of the local community through community workshops. Taking good care of children requires good cooperation with the children, youth, parents/families, social workers, the government, schools, churches and other organizations in the local community.

Program description: Family Based Child Care