Tan-Kids Foundation

The change we want to see is that children in Tanzania grow up happy and healthy in a family and within the local community.

The projects we commit ourselves to must contribute to a happy and healthy development of underprivileged children who preferably will grow up in a family.
The projects should help enable independence and strengthen the families and the local community. So that they can be a strong safety net for the children.

To achieve our goal, we provide children with education, nutrition, health care and space to play.
To empower their families, there is family coaching and business coaching available.
For that, the social workers are offered coaching and training to increase their professionalism.
In the villages and neighbourhoods, we are actively engaged by facilitating play and study areas and organizing community workshops.

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The board and the volunteers of the Tan-Kids Foundation, offer their time and talents on a voluntarily basis. They don’t receive payment for their efforts. This way, all money goes to the children in need!