Tanzania is a large (23 times larger than the Netherlands), stable but very poor country, located on the east coast of Africa. The country has 46.218.000 inhabitants, of which 68% live below the international poverty level. (Directive income $ 1.25 per day).The economy in Tanzania has been growing for 10 years. The country is making significant progress in protecting and caring for children and their mothers. The biggest challenge is, to improve the lives of the poorest people of Tanzania with these economic progresses.

51% of the Tanzanian population is made up of 0-18 year olds. Investing in the welfare and development of Tanzanian children provides an important impulse to economic, social and political stability and prosperity.

22.2 million people in Tanzania are 0-18 years. There are over 2 million orphans. 71% of all the children fall short in basic care.