The beginning

It was in 2008 that we, Rob en Annette Klijnsma (living in the Dutch town of Doetinchem) visited Tanzania for the first time. We met a small group of children in an orphanage in the outskirts of Dar- es -Salaam. We saw how few opportunities these children had. We saw the lack of care and attention, and we could not put that out of our minds.

During the next years we gave these orphans help and attention in different ways. All the time, we received enthusiastic support from our friends and family, specially from our church in Doetinchem.

We went back annually to visit the kids. By then, we had met some Tanzanian people who shared the vision we had; to offer help to the orphaned children in Dar es Salaam. This led to the establishment of the Tan-Kids Foundation in 2014. We started by the sponsoring and supporting a home for 10 children.


During the first year we noticed how little vision and attention was being put in replacing the child in his or her natural birth home. When we visited the mothers of the children, who were widows, we saw how little hope and perspective they had, after their husbands had passed away. They lose home and income, and the fight for basic survival is very difficult.

How would these children ever be able to go back home? How could a family be able to go on together?
We came in contact with another organisation, that worked in the same neighbourhood amongst the very poorest. They had the idea of offering support to the mothers to set up their own little business. In cooperation with this organisation, we developed a social- economic relief program.

We’ve now teamed up with two local organisations, and together we are realizing 3 different projects. All this takes place in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, a big area, where the community is still in want and need of much development.

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