Vision and Mission


We believe that every child in this world has the right to be cared for, protected and loved.
We believe that God has given us the task to put this vision into action and that He will guide us in the way we work.


The change we would like to see is that children in Tanzania grow up happy and healthy in a family and within the local community.

Happy and healthy children:
• Have a safe home with a family
• Are physically healthy and fit and have space to play
• Go to school, where both their cognitive and social-emotional development grow
• Have a healthy self-image, self-confidence and are respectful towards others
• Are spiritually inspired to live a dignified and meaningful life

Our vision on health and happiness is a holistic, biblical one. In which we take into account that the different areas of development (spirit, body and soul) belong together and influence each other.


We support local organizations in Tanzania, who give care and education to children and orphans who don’t have any help yet.