The Tan-Kids foundation was founded on February 11th , 2014 . The team has 8 employees and all of them offer their time and work on a voluntary base..

  • Rob Klijnsma BSc (Chairman of the Board)
  • Camilla Tyssen-Janssen MSc (secretary of the board and Advisor International Business)
  • Petra van Eldik (treasurer of the board)
  • Edgar Nahuis (website)
  • Christi van Noppen (housestyle and newsletter)
  • Rozelijn Aardema (project administration)
  • Annette Klijnsma BSW (director, trainer and children coach)


The foundation Tan-Kids has been recognized by the Dutch IRS as a public benefit organization.

In connection with the new disclosure requirement which came into effect on January 1, 2014 some additional organizational data can be found at the IRS:

RSIN/Tax number: 853717527

Objective: (from founding document Tan-kids Foundation) “To promote the welfare and development of orphans in Tanzania and to do anything which is directly or indirectly related to that, everything in the broadest sense of the word”.

Annual report: Annual report 2015

Financial report: Financial report 2016

Financial report: Financial report 2017

Commerce: Chamber of Commerce number 59976535

Bankaccount number / IBAN: NL84 INGB 0006 4752 95

att Foundation Tan-kids, Slotlaan 2 7006 HD DOETINCHEM